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Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)
क्रमांक AIS Code Subject स्थिति Download दिनांक
226 AIS-010 (Part 4) (Rev.1):2010 Provisions concerning the Approval of Headlamps equipped with Gas Discharge Light Sources Final application-pdf(689.25 Kb) 29/12/2010
227 AIS-010 (Part 2) (Rev.1):2010 Provisions concerning the Approval of Headlamps emitting a Symmetrical Passing Beam or a Driving Beam or Both and equipped with Filament Lamps or Gas-Discharge Light Sources Final application-pdf(444.09 Kb) 01/12/2010
228 AIS-010 (Part 1) (Rev.1):2010 Provisions concerning the Approval of Headlamps emitting an Asymmetrical Passing Beam or a Driving Beam or both and equipped with Filament Lamps and/or LED Modules Final application-pdf(688.05 Kb) 01/12/2010
229 AIS-060 General Guidelines on Control Cables for Automobiles Final application-pdf(2.76 Mb) 06/07/2010
230 AIS-102 (Part 2) CMVR Type Approval for Hybrid Electric Vehicles of M and N Category with GVW 3500 kg Final application-pdf(78.07 Kb) 09/04/2010
231 AIS-068 and Amd.1 Requirements for Windows fitted on Buses Final application-pdf(372.50 Kb) 15/12/2009
232 AIS-103 Automotive Vehicles - Spray-Suppression Systems for Two Wheeled Motor Vehicles Final application-pdf(70.07 Kb) 28/08/2009
233 AIS-061 Guideline Specifications for Replacement Brake Lining Assemblies and Drum Brake Linings for Power-Driven Vehicles and their Trailers Final application-pdf(153.92 Kb) 11/05/2009
234 AIS-092 Approval of I. A Close-Coupling Device (CCD) II. Vehicles with Regard to the fitting of an Approved Type of CCD Final application-pdf(165.47 Kb) 01/05/2009
235 AIS-116 Maximum Design Speed of Agricultural Tractors Final application-pdf(105.40 Kb) 09/04/2009
236 AIS-115 (Part 1) Driver-Perceived Noise Level of Agricultural Tractors -Method of Measurement Final application-pdf(0.00 b) 09/04/2009
237 AIS-107 Requirements of Driver’s Field of Vision for Agricultural Tractors Final application-pdf(135.20 Kb) 09/04/2009
238 AIS-115 (Part 2) Permissible Sound Level at Bystander of Agricultural Tractors - Method of Measurement Final application-pdf(118.68 Kb) 04/04/2009
239 AIS-111 Requirements of Attendant’s Seats of Agricultural Tractors Final application-pdf(140.25 Kb) 27/02/2009
240 AIS-106 Requirements of Load Platforms of Agricultural Tractors Final application-pdf(126.36 Kb) 27/02/2009
241 AIS-093 Code of Practice for Construction and Approval of Truck Cabs, Truck Bodies and Trailers Final application-pdf(6.72 Mb) 01/12/2008
242 AIS-001 and Amd. No.1 & Amd. No.2 Automotive Vehicles - Rear - View Mirrors – Specification Final application-pdf(712.86 Kb) 01/12/2008
243 AIS-062 and Amd. No.1 Performance requirements for Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Agricultural Tractors Final application-pdf(437.28 Kb) 01/07/2008
244 AIS-015 / 2000 Automotive Vehicles – Safety Belt Anchorages – Specifications Final application-pdf(1.08 Mb) 15/05/2008
245 AIS-016 / 2000 Automotive Vehicles - Seats, their Anchorages and Head Restraints for Category M1 - Specifications Final application-pdf(193.90 Kb) 15/05/2008
246 AIS-058 (Part1) and Amd. No. 1 Protective Helmets for Motor Cycle Riders Final application-pdf(305.38 Kb) 15/05/2008
247 SS 15.1 Lighting, Signalling & Indicating Systems on all Motor Vehicles, Final application-pdf(243.11 Kb) 15/05/2008
248 AIS-026 (Version 3) Code of Practice for use of LPG Fuel in Internal Combustion Engine to Power 4 Wheeled Vehicles Final application-pdf(717.95 Kb) 15/05/2008
249 AIS-013 and Amd. No. 1 Automotive Vehicles - Spray Suppression Systems Final application-pdf(839.46 Kb) 15/05/2008
250 AIS-044 (Part 2) and Amd. 1 & 2 Automotive Vehicles – Pneumatic Tyres for Passenger Cars Final application-pdf(1.37 Mb) 15/05/2008