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Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)
क्रमांक AIS Code Subject स्थिति Download दिनांक
276 AIS-010 and Amd. No. 1 Performance Requirements of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for 2 and 3 Wheeled Motor Vehicles, their Trailers and Semi-trailers and Vehicles treated as such Final application-pdf(1.68 Mb) 01/07/2005
277 AIS-091(Part 1) Automotives Vehicles- Mechanical Coupling Components of Combinations of Vehicles other than Agricultural Tractors - Requirements Final application-pdf(614.61 Kb) 01/05/2005
278 AIS-114 Agricultural Tractors - Rear View Mirrors – Installation Requirements Final application-pdf(93.35 Kb) 09/04/2005
279 AIS-058 (Part 2) Visors of Protective Helmets for Motorcycle Riders – Specification Final application-pdf(1.19 Mb) 01/03/2005
280 AIS-020 Automotive vehicles – Interior Noise – Method of Measurement and Requirements Final application-pdf(177.59 Kb) 01/12/2004
281 AIS-012 Performance Requirements of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Motor vehicle having more than Three-Wheels Final application-pdf(1.88 Mb) 01/12/2004
282 AIS-033/2001 and Amd. No. 1 Automotive Vehicles - Plastic Fuel Tanks for Four Wheelers Final application-pdf(758.47 Kb) 01/10/2004
283 AIS-066 Guidelines for Analysis of Automotive Rubbers by Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectrometry (FTIR) and Thermogravimetry (TGA) Techniques Final application-pdf(5.30 Mb) 01/07/2004
284 AIS -038 Battery Operated Vehicles –Requirements for Construction and Functional Safety Final application-pdf(144.04 Kb) 01/09/2003
285 AIS-041 Battery Operated Vehicles –Measurement of Net Power and the Maximum 30 Minute Power and speed Final application-pdf(28.74 Kb) 01/09/2003
286 AIS-040 Battery Operated Vehicles – Method of Measuring the Range Final application-pdf(19.18 Kb) 01/09/2003
287 AIS-039 Battery Operated Vehicles – Measurement of Electrical Energy Consumption Final application-pdf(36.04 Kb) 01/09/2003
288 AIS-030/2001 Installation Requirements for Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices for Agricultural Tractor Final application-pdf(313.79 Kb) 01/06/2002
289 AIS-003 / 1999 and Amd. 3/ May 2002 Automotive Vehicles - Starting Gradeability - Method of Measurement and Requirements Final application-pdf(29.06 Kb) 01/05/2002
290 AIS-005 / 2000 and Amd.1/May 2002 Automotive Vehicles - Safety Belt Assemblies - Specifications Final application-pdf(1.08 Mb) 01/05/2002