The criteria for declaration of State roads, including State Highways, as new NHs include roads running through length / breadth of the country, connecting adjacent countries, National Capitals with State Capitals / mutually the State Capitals, major ports, non-major ports, large industrial centers or tourist centers, roads meeting very important strategic requirement in hilly and isolated area, arterial roads which enable sizeable reduction in travel distance and achieve substantial economic growth thereby, roads which help opening up large tracts of backward area and hilly regions (other than strategically important ones), achieving a National Highways grid of 100 km, etc. The demands from States / public representatives are also duly considered. The Central Government declares State roads as new NHs from time to time through publication of notification in the Official Gazette, depending upon requirement of connectivity, inter-se priority and availability of funds.
E.g., 19-10-2021
E.g., 19-10-2021
Gazette Notifications related to NH Declaration
S. No. Notification No. / Subject Date
71 S.O. 641(E) / का.आ. 641(अ) (110.37 Kb application-pdf) 02-03-2016
72 S.O.641(E) / का.आ. 641(अ) (638.87 Kb application-pdf) 02-03-2016
73 S.O. 418(E) / का.आ. 418(अ) (127.31 Kb application-pdf) 09-02-2016
74 S.O. 420(E) / का.आ. 420(अ) (109.69 Kb application-pdf) 09-02-2016
75 S.O. 183(E) / का.आ. 183(अ) (139.82 Kb application-pdf) 20-01-2016
76 S.O. 187(E) / का.आ. 187(अ) (184.02 Kb application-pdf) 20-01-2016
77 S.O. 183(E) / का.आ. 183(अ) (139.82 Kb application-pdf) 20-01-2016
78 S.O. 2827(E) / का.आ. 2827(अ) (136.30 Kb application-pdf) 14-10-2015
79 S.O. 2697(E) / का.आ. 2697(अ) (88.36 Kb application-pdf) 05-10-2015
80 S.O. 2526(E) / का.आ. 2626(अ) (113.05 Kb application-pdf) 17-09-2015