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Sl. No. Content
1. Manual (922Kb )
2. National Highways Act, 1956 (3716Kb )
3. The Central Road Fund Act, 2000 (560Kb )
4. Display Boards on State Roads taken up under Central Road Fund (766Kb )
5. Formulation of State Sector Road Development Programme to be financed from the Central Road Fund (224Kb )
6. Centrally Sponsored Schemes of State Roads of Inter-State and Economic Importance (787Kb )
7. The Control of National Highways (Land & Traffic) Act, 2002 (1926Kb )
8. The National Highways Tribunal (Procedure for appointment as Presiding officer of the Tribunal) Rules, 2003 (1176Kb )
9. The National Highways Tribunal (Procedure for investigation of misbehaviour or incapacity of Presiding Officer) Rules, 2003 (1430Kb )
10. The National Highways Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 2003 (2479Kb )
11. The National Highways Tribunal (Financial and Administrative Powers) Rules, 2004 (986Kb )
12. Highways Administration Rules, 2004 (656Kb )
13. The National Highways Tribunal (Salaries, allowances and other Terms and Conditions of Service of Presiding Officer) Rules, 2005 (789Kb )
14. The National Highways Tribunal (Salaries, allowances and other Terms and Conditions of Service of the Officers and employees)  (678.9Kb )Rules, 2005
15. Appointment of Shri Ghanshyam Pandy as Presiding Officer in National Highway Tribunal at Lucknow with additional charge of Jabalpur and Shri S.D.Singh as Presiding Officer in the National Highways, Tribunal, Chandigarh (345Kb )
16. Establishment of 192 National Highway Administrations (890Kb )
17. Establishment of 8 National Highway Tribunal (345Kb )
18. Enforcement of Control of National Highways (Land & Traffic) Act, 2002 (345Kb )
19. The National Highways (Temporary Bridges) Rules, 1964 (789.0Kb )
20. The National Highways (Collection of fees by any Person for the Use of Section of National Highways/Permanent Bridge/Temporary Bridge on National Highways) Rules, 1997 (234.5Kb )
21. The National Highways (Rate of fee) Rules, 1997 (780Kb )
22. The National Highways (Fees for the use of National Highways section and Permanent Bridge Public Funded Project) Rules, 1997 (456Kb )
23. The National Highways (Manner of Depositing the amount by the Central Govt. with the Competent Authority for Acquisition of land) Rules, 1998 (567Kb )
24. National Highways Authority of India Act, 1988 (2.86Kb )
25. Hindi Advisory Committee (Hindi Salahakar Samiti) headed by Hon’ble MOS (SRT&H) (Annexure-II) (5.78Kb )
26. Science & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) (Annexure-III) (6.89Kb )
27. Details of budget allocation including expenditure upto March, 2006 in respect of Roads Wing is annexed (Annexure-IV) (789Kb )
28. List of Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) projects (Annexure V) (456Kb )
29. List of petrol pumps for which permits/authorisations are granted by Roads Wing (Annexure-VI) (786Kb )