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S.No. Title Date
1 Workshop on Implementation of Road Safety Engineering Improvements held on 08th July 2017 at Kolkata 08.07.2017
2 Documentation of stretches of Road Safety engineering works and following short term tendering for these works, letter 634KB 14.06.2017
3 Essential approach and principles to be followed for Road Safety Engineering works, OM 345KB 20.04.2017
4 Report on installation of crash barriers at accident prone locations on National Highways on hilly terrain 456KB  
5 Provision of Road Safety items like Road signs, Markings, crash barriers, safety provision at road side hazards etc., on National Highways 678KB 07.09.2016
6 Delegation of powers to Regional officers of MORTH for technical approval to the detailed estimates for rectification of black spots dated 900KB 02.09.2016
7 Operational Road Safety Engineering Audits for identifying short term safety improvement measures, OM 234KB 17.02.2017
8 Guidelines for preparation and implementation of Road Safety work proposals on State Roads under Central Road Fund (CRF) with annex-I 567KB 13.02.2017
9 Organisation of Regional workshops for field engineers for implementation of road safety engineering improvements, letter 890KB 15.02.2017
10 Furnishing proposal of road safety engineering works on National Highway for Road Safety Annual Plan 2017-18, letter 456KB 13.02.2017
11 Status of Immediate Cautionary measures at Identified Road Accident Black Spots  
12 Sanction / approval of permanent long term remedial measures for removal of identified road accident black spots on National Highways, OM 678KB 08.10.2015
13 Road Safety Audits/Supplementary Road Safety Audits on National Highways/Expressways – guidelines regarding, OM 789KB 09.11.2015
14 Road Safety audits on National Highways, OM 456KB 14.01.2016
15 Protocol for identification and rectification of road accident black spots on National Highways, OM 459KB 28.10.2015
16 Presentations of one day workshop on Road Safety Engineering 789KB 07.12.2015
17 Preparation and submission of proposals for rectification of identified road accident black spots on National Highways, OM 456KB
18 Corrigendum for correction of Road Accident Black Spot ID numbers of the spots identified based on 2014 fatality data circulated vide OM RW/NH-29014/1/2016-P&M (RSCE) 678KB 01.03.2016
19 Corrigendum for correction of file number mentioned in OM RW/NH-29014/1/2015-P&M (RSCE) dated 18.01.2016, OM 356KB 8.02.2016
20 Additional Road Accident Black Spots identified based on 2014 fatalities on National Highways, OM 245KB 18.01.2016
21 Preliminary inspection Reports of two identified black spots, OM 589KB 27.11.2015
22 Logo of Road Safety Cell (Engineering) 788KB  
23 Immediate Cautionary Measures at Identified Black Spots  
24 Institutional Mechanism  
25 Road Engineering Measures  
26 Education  
27 Emergency Care  
28 Important Link