Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S. No. State Subject Issue Date
81 Maharashtra Permission to carry out push pipe in-casing work for laying of PDN (Pipe Distribution Network) of Sangola Branch Canal across the NH-166 for four laning of Sangola - Solapur Highway crossing at Ch. 300/589 (7.14 Mb application-pdf) 27-08-2021
82 Maharashtra Proposal of permission for laying underground Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) along Nagpur-Amravati Road section of NH-53(6) from Km, 0/800 to Km, 1/200, (Both side) and from Km, 6/180 to 6/380 and across KM, 0/800, 1/200,2/170,4/100,6/180 in District : Nagpur (Total Length: 1270 mtrs,) in the state of Maharashtra (405.92 Kb application-pdf) 27-08-2021
83 Maharashtra Proposal Request application for permission to carry out Horizontal Direct Drilling (HDD) and Open Trenching work for laying Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) Telecom Ducts/Cable along MSRDC Jurisdiction on (NH 04) Palspe Phata to Chowk Phata from Ch. Km, 20/400 to Ch Km, 37/000 for the total length of 16600 meters - in the state of Maharashtra (388.74 Kb application-pdf) 27-08-2021
84 Maharashtra Proposal of Permission to lnstallation Overhead Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) along Malegaon - Risod Road section of NH-461-B from Km, 0/000 to Km,43/800, (Total Length: 56.190 Km,) in the state of Maharashtra (362.03 Kb application-pdf) 26-08-2021
85 Maharashtra Proposal of permission to lnstallation Overhead Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) on existing MSEDCL Pole or erecting new Poles along Murtijapur - Karanja Road section of NH-361-C from Km, 9/900 to Km, 14/600, (Total Length:4.724 Km,) in the state of Maharashtra (362.81 Kb application-pdf) 26-08-2021
86 Gujarat Permission for laying of OFC cable along/across NH-56 between km 579/00 to 636/00 in the state of Gujarat (1.67 Mb application-pdf) 26-08-2021
87 Telangana Proposals for permission for laying of OFC by M/s Telangana Fiber Grid Corporation limited along NH353C in Sironcha Atmakur Section from Ch. 10/720 to Ch. 91/570 for 50.62 km in the State of Telangana (1.42 Mb application-pdf) 26-08-2021
88 Chhattisgarh Permission for laying optical Fiber Cable (OFC) from Km.75.314 to Km.95.818 (From Pandra Padhara Village turning to Mahmaya Temple Bypass Chowk, Ratanpur) for a length of 20.504 Km along/across of NH-45 Ext. (272.19 Kb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
89 Madhya Pradesh Proposal for Permission for laying of water pipeline Under ADB Scheme (Package - 7B) in Chandia town in Umariya District along the roads from Ch. 42.60 km ( Jogiya tiraha) to Ch. 45.250 km (Chandiya Bypass) (total length 2.65 km) & 1 crossing at Ch.45.250 km in MPRDC road on OLD NH-78 for Katni-Umaria Section in the State of Madhya Pradesh (361.71 Kb application-pdf) 25-08-2021
90 Rajasthan Permission for laying of 800 mm BWSC along National Highway 325 at the Ch.27/700 to 28/950 and 36/500 to 45/100 and crossing of pipe line 800mm BWSC at Ch. in the state of Rajasthan (615.40 Kb application-pdf) 25-08-2021