Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S. No. State Subject Issue Date
171 Haryana Permission for laying proposed Gas pipeline of 6 inch Diameter NB Carbon steel gas pipeline of M/s HPOIL from km 0.00 to km 1.700 (RHS), km 1.700 to km 2.100 (LHS), km 2.100 to km 3.950 (RHS), km 3.950 to km 4.400 (LHS), km.4.400 to km.5.700 (RHS) by HDD method , km 5.700 to km 14.840 (RHS) by open trench method and four crossing at km 1.700, km 2.100 , km 3.950 & km 4.400 by HDD Method along and across NH- 444A in Ambala Shah section of Highway in district Ambala in the State of Haryana (778.04 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2021
172 Madhya Pradesh Proposal for grant of Permission for laying OFC on NH-752C Pachore Talen road from Pachore km.58+000 to Talen km,75+500 total section Row applied for length of 17+500 km in the State of Madhya Pradesh (356.43 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2021
173 Haryana Four laning of Hisar to Dabwali section of NH-10 from Km. 227.000 to 314.600 in the State of Haryana (Pkg.-ll) - Regarding permission for laying of HDPE sewer pipe of 1200 mm diameter from km 251.431 to km 250.640 (LHS) (787.40 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2021
174 Maharashtra Proposal for Permission to Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) along Digras - Karanja Road section of NH-361-C from Km 0/000 to 27/400, Km, 32/800 to 39/400, Km, 39/400 to 42/400 and Km, 44/600 to 56/550 (LHS) and Km, 32/800 to 33/250 (RHS) (Total Length : 49.400 Km) in the State of Maharashtra (277.29 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2021
175 Rajasthan Permission for laying underground Optical Fiber Cable as per enclosed drawings along Fidusar Chopad to Pratap Nagar Soorsagar road route from (I) CH.00 to 5600.00 m LHS (Lengh 5.600 Kms) & 01 Road Crossing Total section of ROW applied is 5.600 km in the state of Rajasthan (214.54 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2021
176 Maharashtra Proposal of Permission for laying Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) along Alapalli - Bhamragad - Laheri Road section of NH-130-D from Km 27/000 to Km, 84/000, (Total Length : 57.00 Km) in the State of Maharashtra (256.50 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2021
177 Haryana Permission for Crossing of 132 KV S/C line on D/C Towers with 0.4 square inch ACSR Zebra conductor at km 122.828 to km 122.855 on NH 65 (New NH 52) section from Kaithal to Rajasthan /Haryana Border in District Hisar in the State of Haryana by overhead method with Clearance under maximum Sag condition between Road level and lowest line conductor and between road level is 11.6 m. (187.63 Kb application-pdf) 23-08-2021
178 Maharashtra Permission for trenching and laying OFC cables along with Ducts (2 Ducts) Crossing in NH-53 (old NH-6) at km 9.200 to Km.113.210 near (Wadi to Tiwasa) on Nagpur-Kondhali, Kondhali-Talegaon & Talegaon- Amravati section of NH-53 (537.36 Kb application-pdf) 21-08-2021
179 Maharashtra Permission for Ianing of underground Pipeline approx.10 km in length, out of 10 km approx. 2.5 km Kamptee (Ch. 719+850) to the factor situated at village Dhargaon, Tehsil Kmaptee Dist. Nagpur (Ch. 722+350) & crossing 'the Road from underground pipeline by push through method at village Lihigaon under flyover (Ch.720+200) (710.85 Kb application-pdf) 21-08-2021
180 Tamil Nadu Laying of Underground OFC along the road from Km 11/000 to Km 12/145 (1145m) on LHS and from Km 12/145 to Km 21/400 (9255m) on RHS for a total length of 10400m and across the road at Km 12/145 by HDD method in Chennai – Tada section of NH-5 (1.12 Mb application-pdf) 19-08-2021