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Dhola and Sadia ghats alongwith 2 lane connecting roads from near about Dhola to Islampur tinali in Assam

Total Project Cost(TPC) Rs 876 crore
Civil cost of Construction Rs 740 crore
Cash support during Construction period Rs 592 crore(80% of civil cost)
Concession period 17 years
Construction period 4 ½ years
Maintenance period 12 ½ years
Semi Annual Annuity (25 nos.)to be paid to Concessionaire for 12 ½ years after the construction is over Rs 55.90 crore
Concessionaire M/s Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd, Hyderabad
Date of Start of work 19.1.2011
Appointed date 17.06.2011
Schedule Completion December, 2015
Inauguration date by PM 26.05.2017
Provisional completion date 31.08.2017
Actual Completion date 13.10.2018

Salient Details of the project

Length of the project 28.511 km
Length of approach road on Dhola side 7.296 km
Length of bridge 9.15 km
Length of approach road on Sadia side 12.065 km

Point-wise details & present status

  • Construction of bridge between Dhola and Sadia ghats along with 2 lane connecting roads from near about Dhola to Islampur Tinali in Assam on BOT(Annuity) basis under Arunachal Pradesh Package has been approved by CCI in its meetings held on 04.03.2010 & 26.5.2010. This is one of the 4 projects approved ‘in principle’ by the Cabinet in its meeting of 09.01.2009 as part of the Arunachal Pradesh Package of roads and highways. Arunachal Pradesh Package of roads and highways was framed consequent to PM announcement of road development in Arunachal Pradesh during his visit to Itanagar in January, 2008.
  • The importance of the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge is marked by following:

    • The travel time from Dhola Gaon to Sadiya Islampur Tiniali through Parsuram Kund bridge is eight hours, while through ferry service it takes 4.5 hours. But, Dhola-Sadiya will make the journey possible in just 30 minutes, reducing travel time by four hours.
    • It will ensure 24x7 connectivity between upper Assam and eastern parts of Arunachal Pradesh. This bridge will reduce the travel time between Rupai in Assam to Meka/Roing in Arunachal Pradesh by around five hours.
    • Since the bridge is located close to India's border with China, it will help quick movement of military troops and artillery in times of conflict. The bridge will provide quick and easy accessibility for Indian Defence Forces in the region. It is strategically important to smoothen the military commute to Arunachal Pradesh due to China's claims in the region.
    • As there is no civilian airport in Arunachal Pradesh, Dhola-Sadiya will help people reach the nearest rail head in Tinsukia and the airport in Dibrugarh.
    • The bridge will help save petrol and diesel worth Rs 10 lakh a day.
  • The project was implemented on hybrid BOT (Annuity) model. This is a hybrid model under which 80% of the estimated construction cost will be disbursed to the concessionaire during construction phase linked with achievement of specified milestones and remaining construction cost and maintenance cost etc. will be defrayed through annuity payments. The concessionaire will also maintain the road for 12 ½ years after the construction period of 4 ½ years and Ministry will pay 25 semi-annual annuity to concessionaire during maintenance period of 12 ½ years.
  • The project was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on 26.05.2017.