Archive of Invitation of public comments for access permission for Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S.No. State Subject Issue Date
1 Rajasthan Permission for laying 450 mm, RCC pipe line, crossing and along 450 mm RCC pipe on NH-52 (NEW) NH-65 (OLD) on Fatehpur Bypass road in the state of Rajasthan (86.72 Kb application-pdf) 24-08-2018
2 Punjab Proposal for laying of HDPE pipeline on NH-71B (New NH-919) in the State of Rajasthan (408.44 Kb application-pdf) 25-04-2018
3 Madhya Pradesh Proposal for Permission for laying underground optical fiber cable by HDD/Open Trench from Lalghati, Vijay Nagar RSU (0.00 Km) to Airport RSU, Gandhi Nagar (9.3 KM) on NH-12(NH-46) in the State of Madhya Pradesh (46.54 Kb application-pdf) 03-06-2019
4 Rajasthan Laying of OFC along NH -15 from Sheo to Barmer section from ch. 98.00 to 122.800 and 144.500 to 154.00 total length 34.380 km. in the state of Rajasthan (453.80 Kb application-pdf) 10-06-2019
5 Haryana Permission for laying of gas pipeline of HCGDL on NH-8(48) at km 37.770 to km 41.820 (423.29 Kb application-pdf) 23-04-2018
6 Uttarakhand Laying of Aerial Optical Fiber Cable from km. 430.00 (Chamoli) to km. 468.00 (Helang) along NH-58 (New NH-07) total section length ROW applied for 38.00 km. in State of Uttarakhand (677.44 Kb application-pdf) 21-05-2019
7 Andhra Pradesh Permission for laying of OFC cables from Km 880.300 to Km 879.520 and from Km 847.290 to Km 846.890 and crossing at km 880.300 (Total Length 1240m) on NH-16 of Kolkata – Chennai Corridor in the State of Andhra Pradesh (5.73 Mb application-pdf) 06-02-2019
8 Rajasthan Laying of OFC from MS. 227.600 to MS-254.600 total section of 27.00Kms (Vkia-Bagwara-Macheri) ROW applied in the state of Rajasthan (432.82 Kb application-pdf) 31-05-2019
9 Andhra Pradesh Permission for laying OFC from Km. 397/100 to Km.400/700 in Guntur District Andhra Pradesh for a length of 3600 mts along Chilakaluripet – Vijayawada section of NH-16 by M/s. Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd., Guntur (9.81 Mb application-pdf) 08-03-2019
10 Telangana Permission for laying of OFC on NH-44 by M/s. Dinesh Engineers Ltd., Hyderabad from Km.411/600 to Km.426/850, Km.433/000 to Km.441/300 and Km.474/000 to Km.486/311 along NH road and road crossing at Km.411/600, Km.441/30 (7.45 Mb application-pdf) 08-01-2019