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Automotive Industry Standards (AIS)
S. No. AIS Code Subject Status Download Date
2 AIS-145 Amendment to AIS-145 Additional Safety features for Category M & N Vehicles Draft application-pdf(205.55 Kb) 15/12/2020
3 AIS-088 Performance Requirements of Rear Marking Plates (Rear Warning Triangles) for Automotive Vehicles, Agricultural Tractors their Trailers and Semi-Trailers Draft application-pdf(381.27 Kb) 09/11/2020
4 AIS-168 Specific Requirements for A6 and A7 Category Electric Power Train Agricultural Tractors Draft application-pdf(659.56 Kb) 09/11/2020
5 AIS-158 Practice for Type Approval of Modular Hydraulic Trailers towed by Puller Tractor of Category N3 Final application-pdf(1.03 Mb) 28/10/2020
6 Draft AIS-170 Remote Sensing Devices for on-road Emissions Monitoring – Product Specifications and Programme Guidelines Draft application-pdf(651.64 Kb) 26/10/2020
7 AIS-167 Constructional and Functional Requirements for Special Purpose Vehicle-Two Wheeled First Responder-Fire Final application-pdf(263.46 Kb) 09/10/2020
8 AIS-163 Procedure for Type Approval of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) for Compliance to Central Motor Vehicles Rules Final application-pdf(1.29 Mb) 09/10/2020
9 AIS-156/DF Specific Requirements for L Category Electric Power Train Vehicles Draft application-pdf(890.85 Kb) 16/07/2020
10 AIS 004 (Part 3) (Rev. 1) Automotive Vehicles –Requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility Draft application-pdf(2.69 Mb) 16/07/2020
11 AIS 038 (Rev. 2) Specific Requirements for Electric Power Train of Vehicles Draft application-pdf(973.43 Kb) 01/07/2020
12 AIS-157/DF AIS-157/DF Draft application-pdf(564.01 Kb) 23/06/2020
13 Draft AIS-160 Safety Requirements for Construction Equipment Vehicle(s) Draft application-pdf(106.64 Kb) 13/03/2020
14 Draft AIS-017 (Part 6) Regarding Whole Vehicle Safety COP Draft application-pdf(1.46 Mb) 21/11/2019
15 AIS-159-DF Automotive Vehicles High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) Specifications and Requirements Draft application-pdf(740.50 Kb) 18/06/2019
16 AIS-079 Procedure for Performance Evaluation on Rubber to Metal Bonded Components Final application-pdf(169.12 Kb) 17/06/2019
17 AIS-096 and Amd. 1 to 4 Requirements for Behavior of Steering Mechanism of a Vehicle in a Head on Collision Final application-pdf(670.78 Kb) 17/06/2019
18 AIS-120 and Amd 1 Automotive Vehicles-External Projections-Performance Requirements for M1 Vehicles Final application-pdf(191.37 Kb) 17/06/2019
19 AIS-025 (Version 3) and Amd. 1 to 7 Safety and Procedural requirements for Type Approval of LPG Operated Vehicles Final application-pdf(1.35 Mb) 14/06/2019
20 AIS-010 (Part 5)(Rev.1):2010 Requirements of Chromaticity Co-ordinates of Colour of Light emitted from Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices Final application-pdf(32.60 Kb) 14/06/2019
21 Published Automotive Industry Standards List Published Automotive Industry Standards List Final application-pdf(361.34 Kb) 23/05/2019
22 List of Automotive Industry Standards List of Automotive Industry Standards as on 23rd May 2019 Draft application-pdf(496.37 Kb) 23/05/2019
23 Draft Amd. 3 to AIS-119 (Rev. 1) (Date of hosting on website: 2nd May 2019) Specific Constructional Requirements for Sleeper Coaches (Last date for comments: 17th May 2019) Draft application-pdf(511.60 Kb) 17/05/2019
24 Draft AIS-158/D1/8th May 2019 (Date of hosting on website: 8th May 2019) Code of Practice for Type Approval of Modular Hydraulic Trailers towed by Puller Tractor of Category N3 (Last date for comments: 8th June 2019) Draft application-pdf(1.06 Mb) 08/05/2019
25 Draft AIS-028 (Revision 1) (Part C)/D0/ April 2019 (Date of hosting on website: 9th April 2019) Code of Practice for Use of Gaseous Fuels in Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles Revision-I Part C (Off-Highway application) (Last date for comments: 8th May 2019) Draft application-pdf(1.27 Mb) 08/05/2019