E.g., 03/02/2021
E.g., 03/02/2021
Gazette Notifications related to Motor Vehicle Legislation
S. No. Notification No. / Subject Status Date
51 G.S.R. 510(E) regarding BS VI  (493.44 Kb application-pdf) Draft 18-07-2019
52 G.S.R. 442(E) regarding amendment of FORM 23A  (298.86 Kb application-pdf) Draft 21-06-2019
53 G.S.R. 440(E) Final (FIFTH amendment) regarding fuel efficient training for heavy motor vehicles (300.68 Kb application-pdf) Final 21-06-2019
54 G.S.R. 439(E) regarding vehicle location tracking device (295.93 Kb application-pdf) Draft 21-06-2019
55 G.S.R. 431(E) regarding omission of rule 8 (driving qualification) (314.57 Kb application-pdf) Draft 18-06-2019
56 G.S.R. 430(E) regarding exemption of registration fee for battery (303.06 Kb application-pdf) Draft 18-06-2019
57 S.O. 1666(E) Approval for registration of one trailer owned by M/s. Aggarwal Carriers Corporation of India, Faridabad (276.39 Kb application-pdf) Final 31-05-2019
58 S.O. 1215(E) regarding minimum educational qualification for Motor vehicle inspector and Assistant Motor vehicle inspector (275.09 Kb application-pdf) Final 23-05-2019
59 G.S.R. 373(E) regarding NATRAX (288.62 Kb application-pdf) Draft 20-05-2019
60 G.S.R. 173(E) regarding Braking System and Anti-lock Braking System (331.64 Kb application-pdf) Final 01-03-2019
61 G.S.R. 174(E) regarding Common Format for the Driving Licence and the Certificate of Registration (2.52 Mb application-pdf) Final 01-03-2019
62 G.S.R.167(E) regarding Retro-fitment of hybrid electric system or electric kit to Motor Vehicles (320.22 Kb application-pdf) Final 01-03-2019
63 S.O. 1018(E) regarding corrigendum to the Motor Vehicles (High Security Registration Plates) Order, 2018 (905.33 Kb application-pdf) Final 25-02-2019
64 G.S.R 1229(E) regarding Braking requirement and electronic stability control (267.17 Kb application-pdf) Final 24-12-2018
65 G.S.R. 1225(E) regarding seat dimensions, lamps for three wheelers and reverse parking system for M & N Category vehicles (312.61 Kb application-pdf) Final 20-12-2018
66 G.S.R. 1192(E) regarding Light and Signalling Device (378.35 Kb application-pdf) Final 11-12-2018
67 S.O 6108 (E) regarding Amendment in S.O.1365(E) dated 13.12.2004 (334.20 Kb application-pdf) Final 11-12-2018
68 S.O. 6052(E) regarding High Security Registration Plates (Order), 2018 (470.95 Kb application-pdf) Final 06-12-2018
69 G.S.R. 1162(E) regarding High Security Registration Plate (470.95 Kb application-pdf) Final 04-12-2018
70 G.S.R. 1151(E) regarding emission norms for duel fuel engine (558.27 Kb application-pdf) Final 29-11-2018
71 S.O. 5800 (E) regarding Quadricycle for personal use (279.51 Kb application-pdf) Final 20-11-2018
72 G.S.R. 1081(E) regarding amendment in rule 90 of the CMVR, 1989- (additional condition for national Permit), fitness periodicity of two years, mandating FASTag etc. (266.23 Kb application-pdf) Final 02-11-2018
73 G.S.R. 1073(E) regarding common format for the Driving License and Registration certificate (1.82 Mb application-pdf) Draft 30-10-2018
74 S.O. 5453(E) regarding Motor Vehicles (Vehicle Location Tracking Device and Emergency Button) Order, 2018 (453.80 Kb application-pdf) Final 25-10-2018
75 S.O. 5454 (E) regarding Timelines for implementation of fitment of Vehicle Location Tracking Device and panic Buttons (294.23 Kb application-pdf) Final 25-10-2018